Google revealed a few minor modifications today aimed at making search even more intuitive.

Voice search, image search and new feature called Instant Pages were the highlights of the show.

Google will be adding voice search into Chrome for Desktop, making a popular mobile feature accessible at your desk, too. The company will add the microphone icon currently available on its Android phones to its search bar.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of image searching, an expanded version of Google Goggles that lets you search by pulling images from the Web or your own computer into the search box. This feature will work with plug-ins on Chrome and Firefox.

Google Fellow Amit Singhal said in a presentation that images that users put into the search engine do not become public.

The search behemoth is also adding a new feature called “Instant Pages” to its Chrome Browser this week. With Instant Pages enabled, Google will pre-render results it’s fairly sure users will click on for faster surfing. So when you type in a search query, the engine will already be loading the page in order to call it immediately when you click.

Instant Pages will be on the next beta release of Chrome and is expected to move to Firefox.

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