As an array of gadgets and streaming options flood the market, there’s no question that consumers have more ways than ever to watch video.

This glut of choices has created an interesting new dynamic, as the Post’s Cecilia Kang reports: “Families are watching more videos than ever — just not necessarily together.”

The variety of ways to watch video--from the flatscreen in the living room to the tiny screen of a smartphone--may have fractured our media-watching experience, but it certainly hasn’t reduced it.

Kang reports: “With more laptops, video game consoles and tablets has come more viewing. Even as the typical household is watching 22 more minutes of television than it did a year ago, people are watching more online, too. The average Internet user soaked up 18 hours of videos last month, an all-time high, according to the survey firm ComScore.”

What about your household? How are you consuming media and has the advent of new devices changed that?

Tell us in the poll questions below and read Kang’s story to see if your usage habits track with other consumers’.