Reporters demonstrate the FaceTime application on the Apple iPad 2. (Jeff Chiu/AP)

So the iPad 2’s cameras aren’t necessarily the greatest for stills. But how are they when it comes to Apple’s Facetime application?

Good enough, it seems. The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg said the videos make for “satisfying video calling,” though he was unimpressed with the the cameras overall. Macworld reviewer Jason Snell said that the iPad 2’s screen “definitely exposes the low quality of FaceTime video,” though he can’t say whether that’s caused by the lower-resolution cameras or the bandwidth it takes to video chat.

The iPad 2 is also a bit awkward to hold for a long period of time without a stand, so Facetime users may want to prop up their tablet for those longer chats.

To use Facetime on the iPad 2, log into the Settings app with an Apple ID and e-mail address. Then, launch the Facetime app (.99 cents on the Mac App Store), and call other Facetime users in your contacts list. The app lets you switch between the front and rear cameras, so you can show your face or share the surrounding scenery. That makes it perfect for talking to far-flung family members to show off your kids or in meetings to share what’s on the projector.

One thing to note: Facetime is only supported over Wi-Fi on the iPad 2.

Are you excited about using Facetime on the iPad 2? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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