In happier times, Todd Bradley, right, Hewlett Packard Executive Vice President Personal Systems Group, holds an HP TouchPad, as Jon Rubinstein, left, then-Palm Senior Vice President and General Manager, holds a Palm Veer in his right hand and Palm Pre 3 in his left hand. (Anonymous/AP)

After cutting the TouchPad’s price down to $99, HP also slashed the price of the Pre 3 smartphone, which launched last week in Europe. The Pre 3 is now selling for $75 in Europe, while plans for its U.S. launch have been scrapped, PC Mag reported.

The demand for the orphaned products has reached new levels of absurdity. Now, on eBay, people are bidding on TouchPad tablets going for around $300 — just $99 less than the last discounted retail price.

And what of the operating system for these devices? WebOS head Stephen DeWitt told All Things Digital that the platform will live on in the company’s PCs and printers and reiterated that HP is likely looking at some sort of licensing deal for the platform.

“At the end of the day, webOs is going to be a popular platform on a variety of connected devices,” DeWitt told D’s Ina Fried.

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