The HTC Amaze 4G

Per the company’s press release, The HTC Amaze’s main selling point is its camera, which shares many of the photography enhancements that the company launched with the HTC MyTouch Slide 4G.

The Amaze has an 8MP camera and a dual LED flash. It uses “SmartShot” technology which takes multiple photos to create the best shot from all of them, as well as the same panoramic and other fancy photo features from the MyTouch 4G slide. It’s expected to cost $259.99 after a $50 rebate, with a two-year agreement.

The Galaxy S II, of course, is the super-slim dual-core, NFC-enabled Android Gingerbread phone that some think will be as popular as the next iPhone. It has a 4.52-inch screen, slightly bigger than the 4.3-inch screen that the AT&T model packs. With a two-year agreement and a $50 rebate, the phone is expected to cost $229.99.

Both phones will be available for pre-sale on Oct. 10 and in stores Oct. 12.

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