The HTC Status, with Facebook integration.

HTC and AT&T took the wrappings off their new phone today, the HTC Status, which comes with deep Facebook integration.

How deep? Well, there’s a dedicated Facebook button that lets users post to their profiles with a tap, and check-in with a long press.

The phone also displays information from your Facebook friends’ profiles when you get or make a call, showing you their latest status updates and even reminding you about their birthdays.

The HTC Status has a physical keyboard, a 2.6-inch touch-screen and front- and rear-facing cameras. The main camera is 5MP with an auto-focus and lets you — of course — upload pictures straight to Facebook via the Facebook button.

The phone also has two ringer settings that are kind of interesting: the “quiet ring on pickup” reduces the ringer volume when the phone is picked up and the “pocket mode” increases the volume when the phone is in a pocket or bag. It will run Android 2.3, a.k.a. Gingerbread, with an HTC Sense overlay.

The Status was known in the past as the ChaCha, the name it had when it debuted at the Mobile World Congress in January. As I pointed out then, the button itself seems somewhat oddly placed, and could lead to people making accidental “pocket Facebook” posts.

The companies haven’t announced pricing or availability yet but have promised details are forthcoming.

Would you want a phone integrated with your Facebook profile? Sound off in the comments.

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