Hulu is reportedly going for about $2 billion. (Jud Burkett / The Spectrum)

Names that have been mentioned in the running include Google, Yahoo, Amazon and DirecTV. Microsoft is said to have bowed out, The Wall Street Journal reported. According to Business Insider, Yahoo is in the best position to make an offer, which the site estimated could range from $500 million to $2 billion.

In theory, a Google acquisition would make sense. The company has been looking to improve the quality and diversity of content on YouTube, the most popular site for online videos, according to the latest data from comScore.

Practically speaking, however, since Google is already being scrutinized by antitrust officials for its search business, it may not want to expand it’s top-of-the-market video offerings. The comScore report shows that Google video sites — predominately YouTube — got about 158 million unique viewers in July.

By contrast, Hulu pulled in a little over 24 million users in July, but topped the all-important list of ad minutes per viewer, with 963 million ad impressions.

According to the report, about 86 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video last month.

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