It’s become common in the past few years for people to give up Twitter or Facebook for Lent. An analysis from Christianity Today showed that Twitter, Facebook and chocolate topped the list of things people announced — sometimes sarcastically — that they were giving up for Lent on Twitter.

But can you give up all of your screens for a week?

That’s what an interfaith coalition is proposing, reports Ars Technica. In observance of the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, So We Might See is suggesting that people spend time away from their computers, televisions and phones to reconnect with a more unplugged world. The group, which includes the National Council of Churches, the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops and the Islamic Society of North America, has posted a list of 101 screen-free activities participants can try instead of feeding their gadget addictions. Those activities include listening to the radio, playing board games, taking in some fresh air and volunteering in the community.

Have you made a tech-related promise for Lent?

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