Update, 10:50 a.m.: Electricpig.co.uk reported that Apple’s UK sales team assured them that Apple will refund the price difference on the original iPad to anyone who bought the device in the past two weeks, provided they have a receipt. 9 to 5 Mac says sources have confirmed that the company will do the same in the U.S.

Original post: Some got them as gifts. Some told themselves they wouldn’t care. But when Apple unveiled its new model of the iPad yesterday, some owners of the original iPad felt a twinge. In fact, Computerworld reported that the Boston-based company Gazelle, which specializes in buying older gadgets, was hit with a wave of first-generation iPads.

@htsuka my sister just bought one 7 days ago & is not pleased at all. And it is a 3G model w/ 2 year contract. #caveatemptorWed Mar 02 23:33:43 via Twitter for iPhoneThe Esnet Team

When Faster Forward sent out a tweet asking for original iPad owners who couldn’t help but feel a little cheated, responses indicated there were plenty feeling buyer’s remorse.

“This one is thinner! It’s lighter! It has a camera!” Anna John, of DC’s Columbia Heights neighborhood, told Faster Forward. John received an iPad as a surprise Orthodox Christmas gift from her boyfriend on Jan. 7, after the two visited the Apple store for fun. “It’s so bizarre to go from having a powerful new toy this morning to having an irrelevant, outdated paperweight by this afternoon.” John said she knew the new version was coming out and is still grateful for the generous gift, though she hasn’t decided if she’ll return it for a new one.

But many of those who responded got the iPad as a Christmas gift and didn’t anticipate a new model coming so quickly after the holidays.

@htsuka I do feel cheated. I just bought an iPad for my husband for Christmas. Hadn’t heard any buzz about a new version.Wed Mar 02 22:05:50 via Twitter for iPhoneMarie Girardeau

@washingtonpost @htsuka Does Xmas count? I am pissed my wife bought it...no USB, no camera. I wish she had waited (I feel same about iphn3Wed Mar 02 21:28:12 via webJosh Kerns

Kathryn Quigley bought herself an iPad in January. “I figured they were working on an iPad2 but when I bought mine in early Jan., they had not yet started talking about the March Apple meeting,” she said in an e-mail. For her, the real annoyance is the fact that the new iPad is the same price as the one she bought. “Perhaps I will email Steve Jobs and ask for $100. I hear he reads his own email,” she joked.

Mark Sandlin, tweeting out of Greensboro, N.C., had a particularly sad tale to tell:

@htsuka I feel cheated for my 11 yo son. Who saved up his own money and bought an iPad yesterday. I bought mine week 1, don’t feel cheated.Wed Mar 02 23:55:30 via webMark Sandlin

It’s easy to forget that not everyone is plugged in to tech news as DC-area designer Brent Almond pointed out:

Don’t know if I feel cheated since I got the iPad in Jan, but I imagine there are a lot of non-geeks who do. @htsukaWed Mar 02 21:31:57 via webBrent Almond

Still, many of those who responded to our question had no sympathy for those with buyer’s remorse.

@washingtonpost @htsuka @htsuka if you did just buy a first generation you shouldnt feel cheated. You were the fool that couldn’t wait!Wed Mar 02 21:25:18 via Twitter for iPhoneTodd Ellis

@htsuka cheated? Anyone who feels cheated should have done their market research on this issue and not bought right before a major rev.Wed Mar 02 21:34:49 via TweetDeckSmitty

Christopher Parr of Madison, Wisc. wrote in to say, “That’s the tax of being an Apple Fanboy. You have bragging rights by being the first with the latest Apple gear. The oohs and aahs are worth the exclusivity. Getting it first, that’s the price you pay.”

Parr also got a first-generation iPhone and admitted that he only felt cheated by Apple dropping the price $200 in the first few months. “After a year, sure, but dropping the price of iPhone by $200 two months after it went on sale, that was too much.”

Others said they’re waiting for the iPad 3, which some insiders have guessed is coming out this fall.

@htsuka Nope that’s why I waited! Now I just have to decide whether or not to wait for the 3rd in Nov.Wed Mar 02 21:30:56 via TweetDeckamy_pfeiffer

But with Steve Jobs declaring 2011 the “Year of the iPad 2,” will Apple really release the iPad 3 this year? Only time will tell.

Did you get an iPad in the last few months? Do you regret that decision now? Vent in the comments.

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