The iPad 2 line at the Fair Oaks Apple store. (Twitpic user harleybikerlady)

There’s definitely a lot of demand for the iPad 2, but lines today are proving that excitement doesn’t always equal a line around the block. Twitpic shows that although stores in Boston, New York and even Fair Oaks, Va., have campers lined up with coats, blankets and other supplies for the long haul, there are practically no lines outside other stores.

For example, Rob Pegoraro did a preliminary count outside the Clarendon Apple Store this afternoon a little after 1 p.m., counting only 37 hopeful buyers in line. Meanwhile, at the Georgetown Apple Store — where Faster Forward will be headed tonight — there were only 20 people in line. (Rob was quick to point out that there was a longer line at nearby Georgetown Cupcake.)

What are you seeing out there? Have you seen long lines? Are you camped out? Let us know!

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