The report from Boy Genius Report backs up some of the information that This Is My Next used to make this iPhone mock-up in April. (Mock-up from This is My Next)

Citing anonymous “reliable” sources, the report says that the next iPhone will hit in August with a “radical new case design.”

BGR has a fairly solid — but not flawless — record when it comes to leaks from Apple.

That said, these predictions do fit in line with the reports of a new case design on which the site This Is My Next based its iPhone 5 mock-up in April. In that illustration, the blog reported that the next iPhone would have a tapered, teardrop-shaped design similar to the profile of the MacBook Air.

Tuesday’s report flies in the face of two of the most persistent expectations about the next iPhone: that it will have only minor upgrades and that it will debut in September, at Apple’s usual fall iPod event.

BGR said that its source believes Apple may buck tradition and either move the September event to August or hold an iPhone-specific event to round off the summer.

As with all Apple predictions, we won’t know for sure until they unveil the product...whenever that may be.

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