A viral video of Evan Longoria, of the Tampa Bay Rays, making a spectacular catch during a press interview, is shooting up YouTube’s Most Shared and trending videos, according a YouTube blog.

In the clip, Longoria has his back to home plate when a line drive ball comes screaming down the baseline. The third baseman turns and barehands the ball right before it hits the reporter’s head:

It makes for compelling viewing, but is it real?

Deadspin sure doesn’t think so. The sports site points to the perfectly framed Gilette logos around the reporter and Longoria — who just so happens to be a Gillete spokesman — as evidence that the whole thing is staged.

Some have also pointed to a suspicious lack of branding for the news station, while other commenters have pointed out supposed editing jumps and glitches.

There are few things the Internet loves more than calling out a “FAKE!” but this clip does seem too good to be true.

What do you think?

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