Jackie Chan is alive. I repeat, Jackie Chan is alive.

False reports that Chan had suffered a fatal heart attack went viral on social media. The rumors of Chan’s death caused enough stir for someone to post a message on his official Facebook page confirming the actor is fine and working on a new movie.

Chan posted a message saying he's alive and well

The Australian paper, the Courier Mail, traced the original rumor back to a prank site doctored up to look like the Australian news Web site, Yahoo!7News. Chan joins the ranks of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Jeff Goldblum, all of whom have been pronounced dead via tweet.

Despite all that information, rumors of his death have kept the movie star in the trending topics on Google and Twitter for two days straight, and people are still believing it.

RIP Jackie Chan TT scared me! Was about to ruin my day. Then I remembered Forbidden Kingdom and Jackie Chan Adventures...he’ll live forever.less than a minute ago via webAndrew Grojean

Remember, everyone. Just because it’s trending, that doesn’t mean it’s true.