Lady Gaga stopped by Google’s Mountain View, Calif. campus on Tuesday to talk to an adoring crowd of employees.

The music superstar has embraced her fans through technology. The first person to reach 1 billion views on Google’s YouTube site, Gaga also keeps up with her fans with a constant stream of Tweets. She is also a creative director at Polaroid.

In the 7- minute interview, Lady Gaga also jumped to the defense of Rebecca Black, the viral YouTube star facing backlash from Internet critics who say she’s cheesy and annoying.

“I say that Rebecca Black is a genius,” Gaga said.

She also announced that she will be making her directorial debut with her next video, for the song "Judas."

If you don’t have time for the full interview, it’s still worth checking out the first tow minutes, which illustrate Gaga’s fame through the lens of Google products.

The interview, conducted by Google’s Marissa Mayer, was also a chance to showcase Google Moderator, a Google product that allows users to submit and vote on questions to submit for interview events. It was also used in 2008 by President Barack Obama’s transition team in its “Open for Questions” series.

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