This is it. Barring some disruptive outbreak of tech news, you're reading my last blog post here. The Post is taking its tech coverage in another direction, and I’m going to take some time off and figure out my next step.

I’ve got a column in Sunday’s paper that tries to recap the lessons I’ve learned from doing this column for the past 11 years and change, so here I’ll just comment on comments.

They have a bad reputation in some quarters, owing to the ignorant and hateful nonsense some idiots will spout on political topics. But this blog has been a blessed exception to that. I’ve enjoyed reading thoughtful, reasoned feedback from the likes of wiredog, 54stratocaster, Bush — notrelated, Bob_Dobbs, rjrjj, Bitter_Bill, henwin, dcborn61, maxinea and many others — including, I trust, you. Their contributions made this blog more than the sum of my words: In one case, they made a review possible. It was my privilege to nominate many of these readers for the badges that now highlight our favorite commenters.

I hope we can continue the conversation. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Quora, plus my own blog at

In the meantime, why not have one last Web chat here? It starts at 2 p.m.; please stop by and say hello.