As part of a shotgun denial-of-service attack Tuesday, LulzSec hit online games Eve Online, League of Legends and Minecraft as well as Escapist Magazine. In the past, the group has hacked into servers to take customer information and expose security flaws. This time, LulzSec took a break from its social and political agenda and took requests for places to hit with DDoS attacks, apparently for the sheer fun of it.

The group did not hack the servers of these sites or take any information from them with the attacks, which were largely aimed at flooding the games’ login servers.

But in response, EveOnline took down all of its services offline and reassured customers that none of their personal information had been compromised. All the sites attacked appeared to be back online as of Wednesday morning.

And that concludes our DDoS party: Escapist Magazine, Eve Online, Minecraft, League of Legends + 8 phone requests. #TitanicTakeoverTuesdayTue Jun 14 19:48:22 via webThe Lulz Boat

The nature of attacks conducted by LulzSec highlights the difference between these hackers and those who work under the Anonymous banner. When Anonymous conducts a high-profile attack, it tends to focus on trying to force changes in government or corporation policy.

The LulzSec hackers, on the other hand, seem to carry out many of these attacks for fun — or just because they can — drawing criticism Tuesday from irate gamers who didn’t appreciate the downtime.

The group was unmoved by those complaints:

If you want ethics, go cry to #Anonymous. True lulz fans, stay tuned in as the next day or two brings much entertainment. Sailing has begun.Sun Jun 12 16:40:25 via webThe Lulz Boat

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