Sohaib Athar, the man who unknowingly live-tweeted the raid that led to the death of Osama bin Laden has been hacked, according to the security company Websense and a tweet from Athar.

It is a good thing my blog server is infected with malware today, I guess :-/Mon May 02 06:01:12 via TweetDeck

In a blog post, Websense warned that anyone visiting the page would load content from a malicious URL which would then try to install malware via a fake tool called “Windows Recovery.” The malware hides folders on the hard drive and the desktop, then offers a premium version of Windows Recovery for about $80.

Scammers often piggyback onto trending topics to target as many people as possible. Security companies such as Websense and Sophos have been warning about scams involving the news of bin Laden’s death since the news broke.

Other scams, such as a Facebook scam claiming to link to a live video of bin Laden’s death, have also surfaced in the hours after the raid.

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