(From Beast's profile )

By making a Facebook page for his dog, a Puli named Beast, Zuckerberg joined the ranks of Facebook users who have made pages for their canine companions. As a celebrity pup, Beast’s Facebook page has, as of time of writing, more than 28,000 likes.

Mashable recently published an infographic of a survey they took of 409 social media users to evaluate their relationship with their dogs. Six percent of those surveyed had Twitter or Flickr accounts for their dogs, and 27 percent opened YouTube channels for their dogs.The survey found that 14 percent of the people surveyed made Facebook profiles for their dogs.

Of that 14 percent, most of the dogs had between one and 25 Facebook friends to their names.

Facebook has a popular forum for those looking to share their puppy love for a while, but the phenomenon isn’t limited to pooches. Poolhouse Enterprises, the company behind the apps Dogbook and Catbook, has expanded its pet applications to include horses, ferrets, rodents, fish and birds.