A screengrab from Commodore's Web site

Yeah, you read that right. Commodore recently started pre-orders for a reimagined version of its classic computer — first introduced in 1982 — featuring all new guts. The computer is compatible with Windows and ships with Ubuntu. Commodore will mail it’s own OS, Commodore 1.0 and a classic game package to customers when available.

The company offers five models priced between $250 and $895. The $250 version is aimed at modders; it’s just the case and a card reader. The next model up, for $600, includes a 1.8Ghz Atom dual core CPU, and NVIDIA Ion2 graphics card, a 160 Gb hard drive and 2 Gb of memory. More expensive models include options like a terabyte hard drive, a Blu-Ray drive and wireless.

Let’s be honest, though. No one’s getting this based on the specs alone. For new Commodore 64 buyers, it will be all about the nostalgia.