(from T-Mobile’s press release)

The new Sidekick, like its predecessor, is aimed at the texting and messaging crowd with a five-row QWERTY keyboard. The press release from T-Mobile touts the phones capabilities to text message, group message and message from the cloud.

A tool for social animals, the Sidekick comes with Facebook and Twitter applications and lets users update their status and see notifications from the home screen. The handset is also marketing itself as a media hub for music, radio and video and a device for video chatting.

Another interesting feature: The phone comes with a feature called DriveSafe that automatically sends notes to callers and senders, notifying them when the owner is driving. A premium service called DriveSafePlus, which can activate the messages automatically and include parental controls, is marketed toward teens and their parents.

Think you’ll be interested in taking the new Sidekick for a spin? Or will you always pine for the original?

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