Product adviser Sean Jones exercises to a Kinect game in a Microsoft Store in Bellevue, Wash., in January. (By Elaine Thompson/Associated Press)

It’s a little update, but starting today, you can control your XBox 360 Netflix account with movements and voice, thanks to a Microsoft update that dropped today.

A blog post from Microsoft Director of Programming Lawrence Hryb said that XBox 360 users with Netflix accounts can play, pause and stop a movie with gestures or voice. You can also select movies and TV shows recommended for you by Netflix and the service will have a controller-free recommendation channel based on your viewing habits and instant queue.

The company announced that it will release a software developers kit for the gaming peripheral — much-loved by hackers and homebrewers — at its MIX11 conference yesterday. So we’re sure to see plenty more cool new features for the Kinect once developers get their hands on it later this spring.

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