Microsoft saw a boost from its entertainment division. (TOBIAS SCHWARZ/REUTERS)

The company reported $17.37 billion in revenue for the fourth quarter and a record $69.94 billion in revenue for the year.

Microsoft saw a 30 percent increase in revenue in its Entertainment & Devices division this past quarter, the company said in a release. The Xbox has been the market-leading console for the past year, unseating the Wii. In that time, the division’s revenue has gone up 45 percent.

The company also saw 16 percent gains in its Business Division, which is mostly Microsoft Office, and an 11 percent jump in its Servers & Tools division over the past year. The Online Services Division, which includes Bing, grew 17 percent for the quarter and 15 percent for the year — a sign that Bing’s growing marketshare is paying off.

Things weren’t quite as rosy when it came to Windows and Windows Live, which saw a 2 percent decrease in revenue from last year. This is probably due to the increasing popularity of tablets — in Apple’s earning call, COO Tim Cook made a point of mentioning that he believes iPad sales have cut into Windows PC sales.

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