A Minecraft user made a 10-hour playable tribute to Zelda. Above, Shigeru Miyamoto dances as an orchestra plays music from Nintendo Co.'s "The Legend of Zelda" game at E3. (JONATHAN ALCORN/BLOOMBERG)

Minecraft mods have become kind of an art, as players have embraced the indie game to create just about anything. According to Joystiq, the current build of this ad­ven­ture has five dungeons, The trailer promises to feature at least eight in the final version.

I have one word for this: Epic. (Though I have to say that I, like Wired’s Mark Brown, am disappointed with the creator for not calling it “Legend of Zelda: Blockarina of Time.”)

The link where you can download the mod appears to be down at the moment, probably from being overwhelmed by traffic.

It’s also possible that the game will be taken down — as Wired pointed out, Nintendo isn’t always thrilled with fan-made tributes.­­

In any case, check out Gary250’s handiwork in the trailer below.

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