Dr. J joins the fun in the NBA 2K12. (Courtesy of 2K Games/Screenshot from NBA 2K12)

In an interview with Faster Forward, 2K Sports’ vice president of marketing Jason Argent said that players will be able to unlock the ability to play current teams.

“We are kind of tapping into this age-old conversation that happens in bars and restaurants all over the world about what would happen if the LA Lakers of today played the Bulls of the nineties,” Argent said. Using the new mode, players will be able to find out firsthand how a matchup like that literally would have looked.

Argent said that the game will not only re-create players in classic games, but also the overall aesthetic feel of the periods in which they were played.

“If you’re watching a game from the sixties, it might look black-and-white with short shorts and big hair,” Argent said. “We’ve been having fun poring over the historic footage to get those details.”

2K Sports is adding more players to its lineup in addition to its announcements that Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and a returning Michael Jordan will be in the game, for a total of 15 of the greatest players in league history. The company says that Julius Irving, aka Dr. J, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will be among the new legendary players.

Argent said that the company will reveal the remaining players over the next few weeks and that narrowing the list down to 15 was a difficult task.

“We had fun developing this list and what it should be,” Argent said. “We’re passionate basketball fans and we know we have passionate, engaged fans.”

NBA 2K12 is set to hit shelves on Oct. 4.

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