Netflix and DreamWorks have signed a content deal. (Jin Lee/Bloomberg)

The contract is a bet by DreamWorks that consumers will continue to adopt streaming video, and that users will stay with Netflix.

The company’s decisions to change its pricing structure — effectively putting a 60 percent price hike on some of its subscribers — and split its DVD and streaming business have not sat well with its customers. They hate everything, from the way they were told about the changes to the new DVD service’s name, Qwikster.

Many users find the Qwikster name confusing and ill-fitting, according to a survey by Strategic Name Development, a brand naming company in Minneapolis. “You misspelled Twitter,” one user responded when asked for an opinion on the name. “Makes me think of the Nestle chocolate drink,” said another, referring to Nesquik. Customers also said that the name Qwikster doesn’t fit a mail-order service, because it uses a slower mode of delivery than online streaming.

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