Netflix services such as online streaming and the ability to order DVDs went down Sunday night for a few hours, sending disgruntled customers to complain on Twitter.

As of 3:30 a.m. Eastern time Monday, the company said that it had its Web site and instant-watch services back online but was still having some issues activating devices.

The website and watch instantly are online, but some are still having issues with activating devices. We’ll have that fixed ASAP too.Mon Jun 20 06:56:48 via TweetDeckNetflix

Following a series of high-profile attacks on Internet services, some users expressed concern that Netflix had also been the victim of a cyber attack, some assuming that the hacker group LulzSec was responsible.

But Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey said the outage was not due to a malicious cyber attack.

“It was a technical issue that we fixed,” Swasey said.

The company has experienced outages in the past releated to technical issues, and normally has issued a credit to affected user accounts.

Some Sony movies released through StarzPlay are unavailable for streaming following a small contract dispute between Sony and Starz, the company said in a blog post Friday.

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