Will you switch off Netflix? (Anonymous/AP)

A user backlash erupted in July when the company announced that it would separate DVD and streaming plans and charge $7.99 for each, instead of continuing to offer a unified plan that started at $9.99 per month.

Thousands of users took to Facebook and Twitter, threatening to quit the service. According to an informal poll from Business Insider, at the time, 41 percent of Netflix subscribers surveyed said that they planned to cancel their subscriptions. A similar user poll from Geekwire found that 40 percent of its readers said they would cancel.

It’s not clear if Netflix users are jumping ship yet, but there are some indications that it faces some more serious competition in the online movie space.Wal-Mart’s Vudu service has reportedly taken off recently, according to analysis from market research firm IHS Screen Digest. The service, which Wal-Mart acquired in February, eclipsed Sony’s PlayStation Store and Amazon in the download-to-own online movie marketplace with its non-subscription service.

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