An image taken from a report filed with The City of Santa Monica’s planning commission. (THE CITY OF SANTA MONICA)

The mock-ups have Apple’s hallmark glass exterior, blond wood tables and galactic-themed screensavers on the monitors that line its walls — though we know that all those design features are easily duplicated.

The site currently houses a three-story, 33,750-square-foot commercial building built in 1984, the report said.

If approved, the building, which housed a Borders bookstore before the company went bankrupt last month, will be demolished to make way for the new, mostly glass store.

Apple recently celebrated a decade in the retail space, and reports indicated that the company was going to use the anniversary to kick off a retail makeover.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the first Apple store opening in Tysons Corner, Va., The Buzz dug up this gem of a video tour Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs made for Macworld in 2011:

There’s a lot of buzz out there that the proposed building in Santa Monica is the first of a new generation of the Apple stores — but that hasn’t been confirmed.

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