The red 3DS will retail for the handheld’s new price, $169.99 (Courtesy of Nintendo/Nintendo)

The handheld will have a suggested retail price of $169.99, the reduced price that Nintendo is putting into effect Aug.12 for all 3DS units sold in the U.S. Interested buyers can already get the 3DS at that price on and at Walmart. The 3DS is also available in black and aqua blue.

Nintendo, which recently cut its profit forecast, is clearly hoping the lower price-point and the novelty of a new color will help it boost the handheld’s lackluster sales.

The company also revisited the details of its 3DS Ambassadors program, available to those who bought their units for the pre-price cut price of $249.99.

The company is offering free games to anyone who connects to its eShop before 11:59 p.m. Friday. Those who register for the program will be eligible to download older Nintendo games from the NES Console and the GameBoy Advance. The NES titles, which include Donkey Kong Jr. and The Legend of Zelda, will be available for download to ambassadors on Sept. 1, and early adopters will receive free updates once the games are up for sale.

Ambassadors will be able to download the GBA games “by the end of the year,” the company said. Those titles will be exclusive to this group of people, as Nintendo has no plans to make the GBA games available for wide release.

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