A Nintendo 3DS featuring 3-D imagery. (Shuji Kajiyama/Associated Press)

The Nintendo 3DS launched in the U.S. on Saturday to good reviews ... but how were sales?

Calls to D.C. area retailers indicated that the handheld had sold reasonably well on its first day, and Nintendo issued a statement saying that the sales were the best the company has ever had for a first-day handheld release.

The company will release first-week sales figures April 19, after the NPD Group issues a report. But by Nintendo’s tone, it sounds like they’ve had no problems with the gadget’s high $250 price point or the handheld’s anemic game offerings at launch.

While things sound rosy on Nintendo’s side, some users are reporting an error with the console that’s been dubbed the “black screen of death.” While the term is, perhaps, a little melodramatic — there’s no gadget death involved, just a reboot — reports have been popping up that the 3DS sometimes displays an error message that advises players to restart their handhelds.

Nintendo’s UK office told NowGamer that users who get the message should download the latest system update.

Other gamers — though not all — are reporting headaches after playing in the 3D mode of the new Nintendo gadget. Nintendo’s been pretty honest about the possibility of eye strain while playing games, but has issued a second statement advising those experiencing problems to take frequent breaks and use the handheld’s sliding lever to scale back the effect.

Did you buy a 3DS? What are your first impressions?

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