Nintendo stock rose Wednesday on reports that the company was developing mobile applications. The company denied those reports. (Rex C. Curry/AP IMAGES FOR NINTENDO OF AMERICA)

Pokemon, an independent Nintendo affiliate, is developing software for Apple and Google and this summer will release a game for those companies related to its popular series.

Nintendo shares rose 4.9 percent on Wednesday before the company denied the apps reports.

Nintendo faces stiff competition from Microsoft and Sony in the gaming industry, as well heightened pressure from the smartphone market.

A recent study from Nielson showed that the majority of apps downloaded onto smartphones are games, and that Apple’s iOS is used more for play than for work.

iOS users are spending almost twice as much time playing games on their devices as Android users.

Nintendo is hoping to reinvigorate its loyal gamers with the Wii U, which Nintendo America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently told Forbes won’t hit stores until next April.

From the market behavior, it seems that Nintendo might be better served by joining the mobile gaming market and expanding its reach beyond its own devices.

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