Nintendo will have exclusive 3D content in its new Video store for the 3DS. In this photo provided by Nintendo of America, Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo Co. Ltd., showcases the Nintendo 3DS portable video game system. (Kim White/AP)

Nintendo has launched its 3D video store, letting 3DS owners take more advantage of the visual capabilities of their 3D gaming devices.

The online shop features short 3D videos, including a movie trailer for Captain America, and will showcase content from comedians and musicians as well as sports clips .

Over the next few weeks, the company said in a release, the store will feature exclusives from music group OK Go, College Humor, and The Blue Man Group.

The store only features four video slots at the moment, and will be updated at irregular intervals. It has some Facebook integration, which allows users to “Like” videos after signing in to their accounts through the handheld’s browser.

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