Microsoft has begun pushing out its “NoDo” update for the Windows Phone 7. WinRumors reported that the latest update from Microsoft is making its way to some users’ phones.

The main features of the update are the ability to copy and paste, improved marketplace search and an overall speed boost.

The update was originally scheduled to release the first week of March, but Micrsoft decided to delay the release after a February update of the Windows Phone 7 caused some problems. When he announced the NoDo delay, Microsoft spokesman Eric Hautala said that the release date for the next major update would not be delayed.

Reports on Twitter confirm that the update is out for some, but not all handsets.

Just got notification on Windows Phone 7 for March 2011 NoDo Update :) #wp7Tue Mar 22 17:55:20 via webDhaval Faria

So, NoDo for WP7 is out, but only for limited handsets..........*sigh*Tue Mar 22 17:55:20 via TweetDeckSpencer Scott

Have you downloaded the new update yet?

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