Nokia’s looking crowdsource the next interpretation of its signature ringtone. (Chris Ratcliffe/BLOOMBERG)

That’s my textual approximation of the Nokia ringtone, that signature ditty that the company has said plays over a billion times a day worldwide.

Now, Nokia’s asking users across the globe to submit their variations on the company’s famous theme. In cooperation with Audio Draft, Nokia is currently accepting entries for fan interpretations of the tune. It will announce ten finalists on Oct. 5. Song snippets can be a maximum of 30 seconds long. Five runners-up will be awarded $1,000 and have their work available for download on Nokia’s Ovi Store.

The winner gets a $10,000 prize, and the winning tune will be included in over 100 million Nokia devices, the company said.

Despite the fact that the tune is closely associated with Nokia and is now called the “Nokia Waltz,” the Finnish company can’t take credit for composing it.

The ringtone is derived from Spanish composer and guitarist Francisco Tárrega’s Gran Walz. The original tune, in addition to being much longer than the ringtone, differs slightly from the Nokia ring. The last note on the ringtone ends on a higher note. Here’s the waltz, as played by Grammy-award winning guitarist David Russell:

My text-based interpretation probably won’t win me any prizes, but there are plenty of folks thinking outside the box for the contest. Entries up on the site now include an orchestral arrangement of the tune, an ukulele rendition and plenty of techno covers.

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