Rebecca Black seems to have pulled her viral video hit “Friday” from YouTube. (Chris Pizzello/AP)

The viral video with amazing staying power was one of the most-watched on the site, pulling in millions of views and also nabbing the title of the most-hated video on YouTube.

Earlier this week, it appeared that video was available for $2.99 as a YouTube rental, prompting Black to tell her followers on Twitter that she had nothing to do with the addition of a fee.

“My Manager and Lawyer are on this and are going to get to the bottom of this! Stay tuned...” she said via tweet.

It’s not clear if the rental and copyright incidents are related.

When TechCrunch contacted YouTube to see if Black was, in fact, the one to request the video be removed, a spokesperson said that the company takes copyright infringement “very seriously.”

Luckily, for those missing the California teen and her end-of-week celebration, singer Katy Perry recently released her own 80s nostalgia-tinged ode to Friday on It’s complete with a cameo from Black as well as Hanson, Debbie Gibson and Cory Feldman.

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