There’s a video making the rounds today of a white, 64GB iPhone running a crazy version of iOS 4. The video says it’s an iPhone 5, though many tech blogs have ID’d it as an iPhone 4.

The video comes to us from Vietnamese site Tinthe, which has had some solid tips in the past. Still, the site makes the big claim that the phone in the video is actually from Apple and running a test version of iOS 4. The videos on Tinthe’s YouTube channel show off a phone that sports Expose-like multitasking, a new file interface and Facebook integration. It also has a new Spotlight interface with a search bar at the top of the screen.

Engadget was the first U.S. blog to report on the video.

Regardless of whether the phone or the platform is really from Apple, the video shows off some pretty cool features that would be nice to have in the iPhone, particularly the smooth multi-tasking features.

Oh, and just to round off your Apple rumors: Courtesy of Techradar, the white iPhone 4 went up for sale on British carrier Three’s Web site this morning...and was quickly taken down.

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