Speculation on Apple’s iPhone 5 event places the release date for Sept. 7., a date that makes sense given Apple’s past behavior. (JUSTIN SULLIVAN/GETTY IMAGES)

Coming to us from the Japanese blog Kodawarisan is the speculation that Apple’s big event will take place Sept. 7.

As Ars Technica points out in its write-up of the report, that date wouldn’t be a big surprise, given that Apple’s fall iPod event has historically taken place in the middle of the first week of September for the past four years.

Of course, there are other reports that the iPhone 5 won’t launch until October. So it’s possible that any September event would be, as usual, music-focused, perhaps with the launch of iCloud.

Then again, the iCloud announcement would dovetail nicely with the release of iOS 5, which in turn would be a perfect opportunity to introduce a new handset.

So, essentially, we’re back where we started and where we always stand with Apple. We won’t know for sure until they tell us.

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