Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in New York, N.Y. (Jin L ee/BLOOMBERG)

The latest rumor suggests that iOS 5 will have a ton of cloud features, including a music locker, allowing users to store their iTunes music in the cloud. It will also reportedly have a location service aimed at finding friends and family members.

TechCrunch said Apple is likely to preview the latest version of iOS at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, and that OS X Lion is still on track to be released this summer.

And that iPad? Take a deep breath, new iPad 2 owners — chances are your new toy won’t be obsolete quite yet. There aren’t any real details about what could come in the fall tablet, but the general consensus is that a fall iPad 3 will have a few extra bells and whistles such, as a retina display, but nothing that replaces the iPad 2.

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