The new MacBook Air could have a Thunderbolt port, Sandy Bridge processors and OS X Lion. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Citing a source who’s seen the new computers, the report says that the new line will have few exterior changes but some key modifications.

For one, the report said, the computers might be getting Apple’s new Thunderbolt I/O ports and, as has been rumored for a while, Sandy Bridge chips.

It’s also a distinct possibility that the computers could be shipping with Apple’s new Lion operating system, the report said.

That, at least, makes good sense. If Apple is redesigning the MacBook Air, it makes sense to upgrade new buyers to the new system. Since Apple’s already said that the new system will hit the Mac App Store in July, it’s pretty reasonable to expect the releases to be near each other.

9 to 5 Mac also points out that Apple’s next earnings call is July 17, and the company probably will want to have a thing or two to talk about.

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