Apple is getting ready to launch a service that will allow consumers to store their iTunes music in the cloud, a report from Reuters said Thursday, though it didn’t say exactly when the service will go live.

Google, on the other hand, is running into trouble as it tries to launch its own cloud music service, the report said.

Citing “several people familiar with both companies’ plans,” Reuters said that Apple hasn’t signed any agreements with record companies yet and that the music industry is hoping to get the deals signed before the service launches.

The service has been rumored for a long time, and the rumors heated up when Apple acquired Lala in 2009. But the company hasn’t managed to get an iTunes cloud service off the ground, and was beaten to the punch by Amazon’s Cloud Drive last month.

As for Google, it’s running into roadblocks in its talks with the music industry, sources told Reuters.

One label executive complained to Reuters that Google keeps changing what it wants. The company has reportedly considered a music locker service, but has recently switched to discussing subscriptions.

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