Can you believe it? Another iPhone near-field communication rumor has surfaced, but this time with a twist. This rumors says that the iPhone will have near-field technology, but that the iPhone 5 may not.

The New York Times reported that two people with knowledge of the plans say Apple is working with Qualcomm on an NFC chip “a coming iteration of the Apple iPhone — although not necessarily the next one.”

It’s been a persistent rumor that Apple will be including iWallet capability in its next iPhone, but reports have gone back and forth over whether that tech will appear in the iPhone 5. When Apple hired NFC specialist Benjamin Vigier, some considered that a clear sign that the next Apple handset would have the wave-and-pay technology. Then, last week, conflicting rumors emerged about the possibility of the feature. The Independent reported that Apple was concerned about a lack of a clear industry standard on NFC; later that week Forbes said an NFC industry source was prepping to put the tech in the iPhone 5.

Citing no names, the paper also gave the first glimpse of exactly how Apple might use the near-field technology, saying that a third source familiar with Apple’s plans said that the payment system in the iPhone would be tied to the information in a user’s iTunes account.

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