Google Inc's logo is seen at an office in Seoul in this May 3, 2011 file photograph. REUTERS/Truth Leem/Files (TRUTH LEEM/REUTERS)

But don’t start writing the obituaries just yet. One thing to keep in mind is that Google+ is still in its field-testing stage and is still relying on network invitations to get more users. And the site only launched a month ago, exactly, on June 28.

Google+ is making several tweaks to its social network regarding businesses and public figures, particularly after a small debacle over its policy requiring a user’s real name.

On Monday, Google vice president of product management Bradley Horowitz said that the company will be making changes to its name policy to let users have better control over what names are linked to their accounts and, if an account is flagged, let them know why.

Horowitz said that the company is continuing to work on products that will make it easier for businesses to join Google+ — an important development as Facebook recently unveiled a streamlined page aimed at getting small businesses on its social network.

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