Google may rebrand Picasa and Blogger with the Google name in a month or so. (Paul Sakuma/AP)

Picasa and Blogger may soon become Google Photos and Google Blogs, according to a report from Mashable.

Google declined to comment on the report.

The rumored rebranding is expected to coincide with the public launch of Google +, which is currently in an invitation-only beta.

While the products themselves aren’t expected to go away, Mashable said, their names are expected to change to conform to the main brand in a “month to a month and a half,” according to unnamed sources.

Google + already has a photo service that looks and acts a lot like Picasa, and integrates Picasa albums, so it’s no stretch to think that Google may want to integrate the two services’ brands as well.

Blogger, which turned 11 this past year, is set to get a major redesign. In a post recapping what it had done in 2010, the company teased a new editor and dashboard, better mobile browsing and a new content discovery tools, saying, “And that’s just what we’re allowed to talk about.”

There is currently no blogging feature in Google + — apart from the News Feed-like Stream.

Many of Google’s sites and services are being redesigned, including Gmail, Google Calendar and its search pages.

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