A report from the China Daily indicates that Apple has started trial production of the iPhone 5. The report repeats many rumors about the iPhone 5 that have been floating around in the past month.

According to Apple Insider, the Chinese paper says the phone supposedly in production will have an A5 processor as well as a metal chassis. That rumor about a switch to metal has been floating around for weeks, with many saying that Apple is ditching the glass back and returning to a metal back like in its first iPhone. The reason for the switch is supposedly to fix antenna problems.

Some rumors about the back have said it will be curved. But 9 to 5 Mac, which had the latest rumor from a source it trusts at Foxconn has said it will be flat.

Another feature of the iPhone 5 mentioned in the report is that it will include (our old friend) a near-field communications chip. Buzz about the iPhone 5 has been going back and forth on this rumor, with the latest saying that Apple is working on NFC but maybe not for the iPhone 5.

The report also adds to the pile of rumors saying that the iPhone 5 will have a larger, almost edge-to-edge screen.

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