Sony’s chief executive appears to have confirmed rumors that the next iPhone will have an 8-megapixel camera with a Sony sensor. While discussing how the Japanese tsunami and earthquake might affect Sony’s production, chief executive Sir Howard Stringer mentioned that his company is shipping sensors to Apple.

In an onstage interview with the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg, Stringer commented on the irony that Sony makes the “best cameras” for Apple products. Many tech news sites have interpreted Stringer’s comments as referring to an 8MP camera.

Rumors about a Sony camera in the iPhone and iPad have been circulating for almost a year.Apple currently uses cameras from Omnivision in those products. Neither Apple nor Sony has issued a statement about Stringer’s comments.

The Sony executive also said that the company’s production facility in Sendai, Japan, was affected by the natural disasters, leading 9 to 5 Mac to speculate that Sony’s delays may have something to do with the rumored delay of the iPhone 5.

While Apple’s iPad 2 has gotten rave reviews, the tablet’s cameras have been almost universally panned and are seen as an area where the company needs to play catch-up with its competitors.

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