WinRumors reported that Microsoft is shipping Windows 8 to original equipment manufacturing partners such as HP through its Microsoft Connect server. The report is based on posts from developers in a thread about Windows 8 on the My Digital Life Forums.

Rumored new features in Windows 8 — or Windows Next — include a user interface for 64-bit machines that looks fully 3-D; a system that adapts to user habits; and a quick hibernation feature that shuts down in three to six seconds after saving all open documents and running tasks. 

NeoWin, another Windows rumor site, also published screenshots from that it confirmed to be genuine. Those shots show a system restore feature that could come in handy for users whose machines pick up malware.

Other supposed screenshots and leaks of the system have been trickling out over the past month, mostly showing the graphical elements of the company’s 2004 Metro user interface.

Previous release rumors based on anonymous sources within Microsoft indicate the company will ship a beta version of the system in September.

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