The Research In Motion Blackberry Playbook tablet at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco on March 29. (By Tony Avelar/Bloomberg)

Analyst reports estimate that the BlackBerry PlayBook had a decent showing on its first day, selling about 45,000 units, the Economic Times reported.

Research in Motion’s tablet came on to the market with lukewarm reviews, but the first-day figures are good compared with other Android tablets, said an analyst from the Royal Bank of Canada.

An analyst report from Peter Misek of Jeffries and Co. said that about 25,000 units were on pre-order, with 20,000 units sold in retail locations.

Reviews said the tablet could grow into a great device — particularly if it got native apps for e-mail, calendars and contacts. Reports that the tablet will not connect with AT&T BlackBerry phones may set the PlayBook back for now, but it may prove itself over time.

When it comes to sales, though, the tablet has a long way to go to catch up to Apple — the iPad 2 sold 300,000 units on its first day.

Have you bought a BlackBerry PlayBook? What are your first impressions?

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