Rovio, the maker of “Angry Birds,” is reportedly thinking about making an Angry Birds movie. (HENRIK KETTUNEN/BLOOMBERG)

What does this mean for players? Well, with the game on Google+ games, as well as, well, about every platform you could imagine, it means Rovio’s likely looking to expand in an even bigger way.

It recently opened new corporate headquarters in China. It’s coming out with an egg cookbook. Rovio has also been pushing out more plush toys based on its tie-in with Dreamworks’ movie “Rio,” and offering extra levels through a promotional code in the DVD and Blu-Ray for the movie. And the report mentioned a possible “Angry Birds” movie, which Variety reported on in June.

If you’ll excuse the joke, it’s hard not to think that Rovio may be putting too many of its eggs in one basket. Sure, “Angry Birds,” or at least a version of it, has been at or near the top of the downloads lists for Apple and Android for months, but can it keep up the momentum?

It’s not a complicated game, and certainly not a narrative with a whole universe like the Harry Potter series — or even a game-turned-movie franchise like “Tomb Raider” — that one would expect to keep audiences interested.

Then again, I was similarly skeptical about “Pirates of the Caribbean,” which has managed a four-movie, $3.7 billion run, so maybe “Angry Birds” has a chance after all.

What do you think?

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