One publication has raised questions about Scotland Yard’s arrest of a man it believes to be LulzSec spokesman “Topiary.” (AP)

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A report from DailyTech raises an interesting possibility: Scotland Yard may have arrested the wrong man.

Citing chat logs and information about “Topiary,” the LulzSec member Scotland Yard says it has apprehended, the report points out some possible inconsistencies between the hacker and the 19-year-old suspect police apprehended on Wednesday.

The report references published chat logs from anti-LulzSec hacker “th3J35t3r” — or “The Jester” — that claim that Topiary has always implied that he was Swedish and that he purposely released fake personal details about himself to throw police off his trail and get revenge on a man who had been harrassing him.

The Twitter account believed to belong to Topiary, however, has been cleared except for a single tweet that reads, “You cannot arrest an idea.”

You cannot arrest an idea.Fri Jul 22 02:02:29 via webTopiary

When asked for comment, London’s Metropolitan Police responded, “We are not prepared to discuss this whilst enquiries are ongoing.”

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