Sony Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai speaks at a news conference to apologize for a massive security breach of its PlayStation Network in Tokyo on May 1. (Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters)

Erica Ogg, a CNET reporter, wrote Thursday that hackers on an Internet relay channel (IRC) were planning to take down the firm’s networks again and post stolen personal information taken from its servers. According to Monday’s report, a hacker on the channel said that he or she lost access to the servers after the report was published.

Sony also announced Saturday that it removed 2,500 names posted online by hackers who stole information from the company’s servers, Reuters reported. The list contained the names and partial e-mail addresses of those who entered a 2001 sweepstakes competition, the company said in a statement. The names were not linked to registration on the PlayStation Network.

Sony announced on April 26 that a breach of its PlayStation Network compromised millions of customers’ personal information, and the company cautioned that credit card information may have been stolen. On May 2, the company announced its Sony Online Entertainment unit had been hacked and that credit card data had been stolen from its servers.

The company originally expected some of its services to be restored last week but has pushed back that deadline to an unspecified date.

Bloomberg reported that although Sony missed its initial deadline to restore some services, it still plans to have the full network restored by May 31.

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